#School-Aged Tantrums?

So did you think that only toddlers and infants throw tantrums? Well you would be wrong. I have been dealing with my sons anger tantrums for quite a while now and I think I have got a handle on them now. But don’t get me wrong, I have really struggled and at times felt like such a failure as a mother because of it.

Just to give you a few examples of the behavior that I was dealing with here is a little list:

  • Stomping
  • Slamming doors
  • Throwing belongings
  • Screaming/Crying

So I would like to share some tips for you mother’s that might be dealing with a similar situation with your child :

  1. Be Calm– I don’t know about you but I have a short temper and I struggle with my patience. I really needed to work on my approach when dealing with my sons tantrums. Do NOT scream, it will only lead to more screaming. Remember children learn behavior from US. Speak to your child in a calm relaxed voice. They will follow your example.
  2. Go to their level– Towering over your child and demanding them to act a certain way is just going to fuel their fire. Imagine a person bigger and stronger than you towering over you and yelling? Not very fun. Take a knee and look them in the eye, get on their level.
  3. Ask questions– They are not acting out for no reason. The reason might not seem important to you but it is or was important to your child. They wouldn’t act like the way that they are for no reason. Even though you might think that is the case. Ask your child what upset them and why? Ask them if they think their actions were good or bad?  (You will be surprised at the responses)
  4. Compromise– After you have gotten to the bottom of the situation, come up with a solution Together. Talk it out. DON’T yell it out!

This method of diffusing tantrums has really worked for me and my children ( I have 2 boys ). My son now has tantrums significantly less but when they do happen, we handle them right away. And in a calm way not a screaming match.

I hope this helps any moms that might have run out of strategies or just want a new approach to dealing with tantrums.

#Parkinson’s Disease


So today I want to share with you a serious topic that is very personal to me. Parkinson’s Disease (PD) has affected me and my family for a long time now. My father was diagnosed about 12 years ago with this disease. He was only 40 years old at the time. Everyone is always surprised at the age that he was diagnosed.

For a long time my father would down play his diagnosis and make me feel as though he could be cured eventually. But that is definitely not the case, if you did not already know, there is no cure for this horrible chronic disease. I was only a teenager when my father was diagnosed so I believed anything he told me. I had always been a daddy’s girl. Also my father didn’t have the “traditional” symptoms of PD. I thought that all persons effected by PD had tremors. My father did not and still doesn’t. So I never really looked into the disease or asked about what his doctor’s were telling him. He would go to his appointments, get his medications and then just tell me whatever he wanted me to know.

I truly regret not asking more questions and getting more involved with my fathers health early on. But now that I am informed and have gone to doctors visits with him and now I feel a lot better being in the loop.  My advice to anyone that has a parent or relative that is living with PD is, Get INVOLVED. They need an advocate. They need to be kept positive that there will be a cure.

What I feel people don’t know is that Parkinson’s looks different for everyone. Not everyone that has this disease is like Michael J. Fox or Mohammed Ali. My father actually doesn’t have any tremors. So if you saw him you wouldn’t know what he has. But my father is a strong man and a very strong Christian. I know that this disease will not overcome him, he will overcome this disease. This disease does NOT define him.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

-PD is a progressive and chronic movement disorder.

** Nearly 1 million people in the US are living with PD. Estimated 10 million worldwide.

What causes Parkinson’s?

-The cause is still unknown.

To find more information about Parkinson’s Disease and how you can get involved on helping to find a cure, you can visit these websites:

  1. www.pdf.org – this site has great resources for those affected by PD, has helped me so much.
  2. www.parkinson.org
  3. www.apdaparkinson.org
  4. www.michaeljfox.org
  5. www.unitywalk.org – I am personally apart of this charity. ‘Team Hernandez’ is the name of my team if you would like to join us in this walk for Parkinson’s awareness. Below I have attached a link where you can donate.