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I don’t know about you but I can always use some extra pocket change. So the thought came to me, “How can I make money, doing things I do every day?” So I did some research and found a bunch of blog posts and websites on how to make money doing everyday things.

Therefore I had to think… “What do I do every day?” I know it’s not just me that’s on their phone every day, for a really unnecessary amount of time. So that really made me think, how can I get paid for this??? So I found a few apps and tried them out.

The apps that I used for the month of March were: Inbox Dollars, Mercari, ibotta, OnGo Surveys and TextbookRush.

This is my review for all the apps I used and the amount of money I made from each.

  1. Inbox Dollars- $0

This app I marked down $0 income because I was not able to cash out at the end of the month. In order to cash out on this app you need to have a balance of minimum $30. The app is very easy to use and there are several ways to earn money on the app. On the app it gives you options to take surveys, watch ad videos, or even make money searching through their search engine. So far I’ve made $21.00. I’m going to keep the app for now until I cash out. If you want to try it out you can download the app on your iPhone or android device.

  1. Mercari- $141

I have made the most money using this app. I was referred by one of my family members and now I am hooked. I also have referred my sister and she’s referred her friends. It is an awesome app if you have some things at home you are trying to get rid of. The app is very user friendly and straight forward. You take a picture of the item you want to sell, you name your price and then you print out a mailing label which the app emails to you. I love this app and will definitely continue to use it.

Use my code “ZTGFUV” to join Mercari and get $2 off your first purchase! https://www.mercari.com/dl/

  1. ibotta- $24.75

This app is great for anyone that is in charge of grocery shopping in their household. I am that person in my household so it really worked for me. I go shopping about once a week and since I downloaded the app I’ve used the app every time I have gone shopping. This app is a little bit of a process but the cash back is definitely worth it. To get your cash back reward all you need to do is, scan the item that you have bought and then take a picture of your receipt. I will continue using this app when I go grocery shopping.

Here’s a link for you to sign up –> https://ibotta.com/r/iemfdoh

  1. OnGo Surveys- $12.35

I like this app, even though I did not make much using it, it was simple to use.I liked the fact that you only need to earn $10 to cash out unlike inbox dollars which is $30. The only thing I did not like is that there were not that many survey opportunities. Although if you do not qualify for a survey you are still credited $0.10 which is better than nothing. The surveys are quick as well. Some surveys are store evaluations which are a bit involved but I say it’s not too bad if you are going to a store you normally would go to anyway. If the store is out of the way of your daily life, I say just skip it.

This is where you can download the app –> www.mysotg.com

  1. Textbook Rush- $51.78

This app was great for me when I needed some extra cash and I had some used textbooks from my last semester in college. I had shopped around a lot of sites to see where I could get the most cash for my books. As any college student would know, books are super expensive and when you try to sell them you get jipped because a new version of the text comes out every semester. Luckily I found Textbook Rush. They give you the shipping label and once they receive the package and evaluate the book, you get paid. It was a pretty quick turnaround for me. I will be using them again if I need to get rid of textbooks or if I need to buy new ones.

This is there website –> http://www.textbookrush.com/

Overall I earned $229.88 using apps on my phone in the month of March. I am really satisfied with my earnings and will continue with my money making app journey. If you want to keep updated on my monthly app income report, let me know in the comments below or email me.

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